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The Capital Works Have Started!

Phase 1 drainage works are officially underway.

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to our Permanent Way volunteers who, with the support of Permanent Way staff, did such an invaluable job of track lifting on December 30th; it was a beautiful day for it. They have kickstarted the project for us and the SVR is very grateful for their time and commitment. Volunteer P-Way Administrator, Keith Brown, was one of the working party:

"We got off to a great start with the job, and by the end of the first day we’d lifted more than half the track. We completed the task the following day. The sun was out – and that’s not something we often see when we’re starting on winter permanent way work! It was a thoroughly productive couple of days, and very satisfying to be kicking off this important restoration project. Thanks to everyone who turned out to help.”

The appointed contractors for the project, Walsh Construction, have now started to remove ballast from the viaduct in preparation for the works to come. More updates to follow!

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