Falling Sands Viaduct, situated in the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal Conservation area in Kidderminster, carries the SVR over the River Stour and the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal (designed by James Brindley in 1772) between Kidderminster and Bewdley. The viaduct was designed by Edward Wilson, engineer to the West Midlands Railway, and was built between 1875 and 1878 by the contractor Charles Dickinson.

After some years of debate, the privately-owned Great Western Railway (GWR) Company constructed the viaduct. It opened in 1878 as part of the what became known as the Kidderminster ‘loop'. Dozens of navvies did the hard work of building it, some living and working in terrible conditions.  The original plan was for it to be stone-faced, but GWR and the contractor came up with a deal to use cheaper brick instead, and between them pocketed the savings. 

It has seven arches, is 19.5 metres high and 121 metres long.  When the viaduct opened, it was described by Colonel Rich of the Board of Trade as being ‘one of the most successful of its type.'

A Short History of the Viaduct 

Falling Sands Viaduct

For any further information about the viaduct, or the Severn Valley Railway's work more broadly, please visit www.svrtrust.org.uk.



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