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Malcolm grew up watching the trains go by at Stourbridge Junction. He went to the early SVR steam weekends, and in 1970 signed up to help at Hampton Loade. He supervised the 'barrow crossing' and was hooked. 

He then got involved in restoration at Hampton Loade, learning new skills from other volunteers. Arley was the next station in need of work, and Malcolm became Assistant Station Master there, working tirelessly over the next two years to rebuild the platform and restoring and repainting the station.

In 1973 Malcolm was asked to be Station Master at Highley. He talks of 'pioneering' days- fun but very hard work.

In 1975 Malcolm moved down the line to Bewdley and spread his magic there too, before ending up at Kidderminster where he started with nothing. He quickly brought together a team of volunteers, and over a year they created the infrastructure for the new Kidderminster station, collecting station furniture from all over the country.



In this extract, Malcolm gives us a glimpse of the daunting task of setting up Kidderminster station from scratch.

Malcolm retells incredible stories of decades of hands-on volunteering, plus memories of special days, filming days, VIP visits and a great deal more.

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