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The SVR is acknowledged as one of Britain’s finest preserved railways. Running for 16 miles, the railway takes you on a journey through Worcestershire and Shropshire in the beautiful Severn Valley countryside.

The SVR attracts over 250,000 passengers every year and holds 16 major annual events and galas. We are proud to be supported by 1,700 active volunteers.

Falling Sands Viaduct is located on the outskirts of Kidderminster and forms part of the original SVR line, that ran from Bridgnorth to Bewdley.

The viaduct was constructed as part of a ‘Loop Line’, running over the River Stour and Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal, to connect Bewdley with Kidderminster.

Built between 1875-78, Falling Sands Viaduct is a symbol of the prowess of Victorian engineering and a testament to the skill and determination of those involved in construction and maintenance.

Falling Sands Viaduct from above. Photo: Ryhs Godber

In 2016, an assessment of the viaduct showed the need for significant repairs. Water had penetrated the arches, causing cracks and eroding brickwork and mortar joints. Thanks to local support and grant funding, we are now carrying out these repairs so we can all continue to enjoy the SVR!

The Project:

The aims of the Falling Sands Viaduct Project are to:

  • Repair the viaduct successfully to ensure there is ongoing access to the whole line now and for the future

  • Broaden understanding of a major Victorian railway-engineering construction through research, interpretation and educational activities.

  • Broaden heritage skills for staff, volunteers and apprentices.

  • Engage the local community and schools, especially those situated near the viaduct 

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